Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Complete Turn Around

A Complete Turn Around

                Some weeks ago I posted an article to this Blog complaining about the lack of an adequate identification card for our industry; one that would truly serve to identify us to the court system and/or the general public; not the current “Mickey Mouse” card board cut out that is currently issued by the Department of Public Safety.

                When our industry was under the auspicious of the Ohio Department of Commerce we were issued as identification the notorious “Green Card” which in its time was a bigger joke than our current issue. 

                Shortly after September 11, 2001 our industry was moved to the Department of Homeland Security it was the industries hopes that we would then be in receipt of a more official looking identification respective of our professional standing.   Again this did not happen. Instead we were issued a computer generated paper cut out that was to suffice as an identification; another joke and a step down from the Green Card.

                But in retrospect, as a licensed member of our industry, I am glad that my current identification no longer states, issued by the “Department Homeland Security”. In a backdoor move made by the Department of Public Safety and without notification to the industry our regulatory entity was moved from Homeland Security to the Department of Public Safety. At the time of this change I, as an OASIS member and retired Executive Director of the industry, became extremely aggravated because of promises made to our industry that we would never be brought under the control of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

                Unbeknownst to our industry at the time was that this broken promise would turn out to be somewhat of a blessing.  At least our current ID Cards, as Mickey Mouse as they are state Department of Public Safety and not Homeland Security.

                While what was once thought to be a great association that would give our industry respect and standing in the community The Department of Homeland Security respect has taken a nose dive. They initially provided monetary grants to local law enforcement without keeping any paper trail and wasting millions taxpayer’s dollars. Now they have formed their own police department to suppress individual’s right while allegedly protecting the Federal Government.  I was led to believe that their main responsibility was the protection of the citizens from oversea terrorist, not protecting the IRS from abused citizens or illegal aliens criminals.