Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life is Like a TV Program

                                My Game of Thrones

                Every morning I arise at sunrise to don my amour and prepare for life’s battles only to stand impatiently waiting at the gate for the call to arms but there no longer any battles to win; or maidens to save or dragons to slay.  So impatiently I wait till next Sunday night’s fictional episode of the Game of Thrones to dream the dream of the conquering hero. But wait I can watch a re-run of the Vikings or Justified.  

                                                                White Hats v Black Hats
                As a follow-up to my last post and mention of Justified; in my day, with the exception of Hop Cassidy, Zorro and Paladin, heroes wore white hats and the villains black. But somewhere the line got crossed and villains who were tired of being caught, shot or hung started coning the good guys out of those white hats.
                As history repeated itself, like the Indians who were tricked out of New York by a handful of beads the good guys were handed a handful of Zoloft, Lexapro, Prosaic and Ritalin, all testosterone altering drugs, handed a remote control and a joy stick and banished to the bunk house.
                There was some hope that the next generation of testosterone producing individual would be the coming grace but as soon as they enter the public school system they are judged by an alleged professional with one year of Introduction to Psychology to be ADHD and provided one of the aforementioned controlling substances handed an X-Box and/ or a Play Station and join their elders in the bunk house.
                 Those old Saturday Morning Heroes have been replaced by a sponge and a ferb. There are no more Saturday Morning white hats. They were ruled to violent by the ADHD crowd and they have been relegated to late night cable.
                Interestingly televised during an earlier hour for the ADHD crowd is a cunning psychotic sociopath who tricks a bumbling FBI Agent at every turn. No doubt the Hollywood ending for “The Following” will be that the villain gets to be President.
                Hey, if that guy was to ventured into Harlan County the duly elected County Constable wouldn’t have had to borrow Ryland Gibbon’s white hat to bring about justice.    

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