Monday, November 17, 2014

Conducting Political Investigations in a World without Ethics

Conducting Political Investigations in a World without Ethics
The standard for ethics in our profession was set by Kitty Hailey in her text entitled “Code of Professional Conduct, Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession” and “do no harm “continues as that standard. But might I query, ‘harm to whom”?

Harm to our purse or wallet; harm to our children by not provided them with the latest technology or a college education; harm to your significant other by not being able to provide for that yearly vacation; harm to your political and/ or religious beliefs and harm to all of mankind. I guess the answer depends on whose ox is being gored.
“Doing the right thing when no one is looking” has also been a past standard but in today’s world there is never a time when someone isn’t looking.  I just finished reading Sharyl  Attkinson’s best seller “ Stonewalled” and began question myself as to what the right thing was. To some her text will be pure fiction while to others it will be the blatant truth.

What do we as investigators do if placed in Shayl Attinson’s shoes?  Do we have a greater responsibility other than handing our client what we believe is a factual report? If there is an extreme injustice are we to turn a blind eye?  

Doing no harm is an object statement that each investigator faces with every investigation that he or she conducts.  When does a simple locate or domestic surveillance case become stalking?

We are all in this for the money as no one in their right mind would do this for free.  So what part of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for your client?

In conducting political investigation one must first inquire as the reason behind the inquiry. Why were you asked to conduct the investigation? Was there or is there ongoing political corruption or is your client just looking for dirt?

What happens to the truth as you come to know it? If you are a believer in Ms. Attikinson’s findings in “Stonewalled” who do you trust?

At present we are living in a world with no apparent ethics or moral standing. If you have both you become the villain to be demonized.

As an investigator you must look in the mirror daily and ask “Am I doing the right thing?” Am I doing no harm? You only have two people to answer to in the end, that’s yourself and a deity if you so believe. If an atheist only one. But most assuredly if you are a NALI member you have to answer to Kitty Hailey.

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