Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Downfall of Federal Law Enforcement

The Downfall of Federal Law Enforcement

I hate to write these things when I’m pissed but the current circumstances leave me no choice.  There was a time in the Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice community when Federal Law Enforcement Agencies were held in high esteem, but those times have come and gone.

I started to have my doubts when “Fast & Furious” came about and it became common knowledge that the ATF sold guns to the Mexican Cartels who in turn executed a Border Patrol Agent with one of those fire arms. I used to call the local ATF Office once in a while and ask, “How many Border Patrol Agents have you kill today?”. But with all the other Federal Agencies following down that  same dark path I’d spend all my free time on the telephone.

I could call Homeland Security and ask them “How many terrorists have you let in the country today?” But I think I would get the same response I get from ATF.  Then again I could call the TSA and ask them how many bombs have you found today but there too busy frisking white haired old ladies to answer the phone. Then again I could call the U.S. Secret Service but they’re all shacked up with hookers supplied by the same Mexican Drug Cartels that the ATF sold the guns to. Then again I could call an IRS Agent but they’re too busy pleading the 5th before Congress and spying on Tea Party Members.  Then there are the new EPA Police now armed and dangerous and the Homeland Security Police, which I quit haven’t figured out their roll out yet except they’re the reason there is a shortage of ammo and then there are the U.S. Land Management Police whose job it is to throw ranches off the property they’ve been grassing on for years. Get my drift?  Today though was kind of the final straw before taking pen to hand, when I read:

“Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) Training Do’s and Don’ts”; Who writes this stuff, CAIR.
This is perfect example of the tail wagging the dog. A few egg heads who think they know what’s best are now running the show. They are either the most incompetent individuals on the face of the earth or the most skilled. They are undermining the professionalism that Federal Law Enforcement . If they are anything like the Homeland Security female who was recently interrogated in front of Congress by Representatives Trey Gouty and Jim Jordan, I’d error on the side of incompetence but then again.

I know jobs are hard to come by but how can any Federal Law Enforcement Agent look at their self in a mirror in today’s world. They have got to come to the realization that whatever professionalism they had is now gone and they must make amends to correct that behavior. That may mean kicking their bosses ass but enough is enough.

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