Thursday, July 7, 2016

                     I’d Rather Trust a PI

              Let me start out by explaining that this article was written under the new Justice Department and FBI guide lines that apply to intent, otherwise known as the Clinton Rule.  Because of the possibility of early onset Alzheimer’s and possible dementia due to my age, older than dirt, I can no longer be held to the old standards or the standards of anyone younger than me or who is a politician.  
              I have over those years authored three books that contain either chapters or deal with “ethics”. I have as well, authored several articles on “ethics” that have appeared in national publications. In addition to that, I have always made “ethics” a part of my curriculum in teaching over 20 years at the college level. I therefore believe I can forward my two cents on the current issues at hand.

There was a time when having a resume that contained or listed past FBI Agent, FBI National Academy Graduate, ATF Agent or IRS Agent meant something. That was ended today when now FBI Director addressed Congress.

I guess the current teachings at the above Federal Law Enforcement Academies now include classes on how to lie to Congress, how to kill Border Patrol Agents and get away with it and how to plead the 5th and still keep your job.  I guess I should include the new Secret Service class of how to pick up hookers in Columbia but that was previously covered by how to pimp for Bill Clinton.

The majority of national groups of private investigators all have a code of ethics that apply to the professionalism of the profession. If one does violate the stated ethical code of that organization, one can be removed for said violation. Even “lawyers’ have an ethical code and violation of that code can lead to disbarment. Bill Clinton was disbarred.  Marilyn Mosbey the Baltimore County Prosecutor has had disbarment charges brought against her. Should their respective bars consider disbarment for Hillary Clinton and James Comey?  I always though perjury was a crime.

            I would be remiss if I did include the latest happenings in Ohio. That is 6 unsolved murders or 4 deaths and two missing females in Ross County and 8 unsolved murders in neighboring Pike County.  One of those events became a script for a national televised syndicated TV series.  The story of the 8 deaths in Pike County will no doubt follow. What’s my point here.

While driving by the death scene of the Pike County incident I observed an Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer directing traffic, but that’s what they’re good at. Who’s investigating the 14 unsolved homicides? Not a State Police Agency with real investigative experience but political entities of the Buckeye State Sherriff’s Office and a political arm of the State AG’s Office.

How many more people in this nation and our state must die before we are provided with professional law enforcement unheeded by political pressures.  As tax payers don’t we deserve better.

        If I’m shot call a PI to investigate not some political unethical law enforcement officer who no longer upholds the ethical standers of his or her profession.

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