Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello, My Name is Gym

Hello, My Name is Gym
                Did you ever have one of those days that started out beautiful and then that one phone call
ruins the rest of what you thought was going to be a productive day? That was my day today when my little Asian friend called me, as he or she does almost every day, to advise me that I could be on the first page of Google if I signed up with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan.

                For years I always thought my name was Jim or James as it says on my birth certificate and driver’s license but every day or so I am reminded by my overseas friends that my name is”gymmmmmmmm”.   Of course upon the hearing “Hello, Gymmmmmmm”, the end button on my Iphone gets pushed.

                If you were lucky enough get started on the SEO stuff years ago or if your business is not in a major metropolitan area with numerous competitors you can easily land on the first page of a Google search. The rest of us appear out of luck. That leads us to PPC (Pay Per Click). You offer up an amount per click to your Web Page and every time someone does a search and click’s on your lead in to your Web Page you are charged the amount you wanted to spend per click.

                That being said leads us to another problem. You set aside a certain amount of your budget for PPC internet advertising in hopes your business will be promoted on- line and prospective clients will call.  That may happen but what also may happen is that your competitor sees your on-line add and starts clicking it  numerous time depleting your budget and brining to a quick end your on-line advertising program.

                Like I stated in an earlier post, it’s a “Catch 22”. You pay Goggle an extra ordinary amount and your phone rings. You don’t pay, your phone doesn’t ring. If I’m wrong set me straight.

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