Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helpful IPhone Apps

Helpful IPhone Apps  

 Hour Bill - - (free) time billing software/features quick data entry, hourly rate can be set independently for each account, lots of features.  

I Field Notes - - (free) quick and simple note taking app to keep track of field notes, time  stamps each entry, can also add date and GPS coordinates Keeping track of field notes

I Crime Fighter - - (free) investigation and evidence gathering tool designed for police and investigators. Can capture photos, record videos, record interviews, write field notes and save case by case email or upload to your iTunes.

Theodolite by Hunter ($3.99) multifunction photo app, compass, GPS, map & zoom camera. Can take geo tagged photos showing date, time, longitude latitude, altitude, horizon, azimuth bearing up to 4X zoom. Used by engineers, architects, military, search and rescue workers.

Evernote - - (free) lets you take notes, capture photos, record voice reminders, create to-do lists/all searchable and sync able

Turbo Scan - - (free) turns your phone in a multipage scanner for documents/receipts/notes, etc., store or email, has sure scan for sharper scans to 3X

Google Translate - - (free) translate words and phrases between over 60 languages

Speedometer - - (free) provides mph, km/h and knots display in vehicle you are traveling include planes.

Plane Finder AR Free - - (free and $2.99 version) point camera at plane in the air and fine our flight #, aircraft registrations, paid version includes destination and departure airport, aircraft speed (Ship Finder is also available in another app)

Flight View - - (free) flight tracking upcoming and in-air flights, receive status alerts, check gate assignments, delays and cancellations, covers all flights with one end in the US.   

Aero Weather - - (free) current and precise weather conditions (METAR) and weather forecasts (TAF), used by pilots, sunrise, sunset, time zone, etc.

My Radar - - (free) weather radar, has optional hurricane tracking, displays animated weather radar around your location, good for thunderstorm and tornado activity.

Weather Bug - - (free) network of real-time weather sensors for forecasts, alerts, advance early warning system, hourly forecasts.

Gas Buddy - - (free) find cheap gas prices near you, by zip code.

Google Earth - - (free) 3-D interactive earth map

Zip Code Tools - - (free) look up zip code, find zip code on map, zip code distance calculator, locate post office, etc.

Apps for photography>>>

Camera+  - -  (free) acts like a high quality SLR lens/has touch exposure and touch focus with one finger screen touch; can set focus separately from exposure with two finger touch, other advanced features.

Frame Magic - - (both free and .99 cents version) - customizable layouts and collages.

 Foto EXIF - - (free) pictures easy loaded from photo album to see EXIF data such as  shutter speed, date and time a photo was taken, focal length, exposure compensation, metering pattern and if a flash was used.

Good utilities apps>>>

Vindriven - - (free) scans vehicle identification bar code and receive detailed vehicle, recall notices, and vehicle history info.

Promptware Plus - - (free) turns phone into a professional teleprompter for video blogging, podcasts, location reporting, education, corporate video, production, corporate meetings, infomercials, public speaking events and presentation narration.

Trig Touch - -  (free) - calculates triangles

Ted - - (free) TED Conferences, described as "riveting remarks by remarkable people."

Sky Week Plus - - ($2.99) day-to-day calendar to view night sky, provides special alerts of events, can sync with regular calendar.

Converter Free! - - (free) calculator to convert metric, mortgages, loans, fuel consumption, all currencies.

Red Laser - - (free) bar code scanner

Color Capture by Benjamin Moore Paints - - (free) snap photo of any color and get a match from Benjamin Moore, create custom color combinations, etc.

Pocket Wave Pad - - (free) audio recording/edit, add effects, voice or music, easy to store or send, works with multiple files.

Parking Time - - (free) GPS tags location of car where you parked, tells how much time left on the meter and sends you a message when it is feeding time.

Lamp LE - - (free) color light or white light

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